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“Josh is thoroughly knowledgeable and an expert at explaining the intricacies and mechanics of the human body. His approach departs from the common PT approach, which makes him a miracle maker.”

Josh Hardy, PT, DPT

Owner & Physical Therapist

Josh received his Doctorate from Regis University and has been practicing Physical Therapy in the outpatient orthopedic setting for over 12 years. His PT knowledge comes from extensive training, passion, and hands-on techniques, in conjunction with specific exercise prescription to help bring clients back to doing the activities they love with less or no pain. This progress is what makes Josh so passionate and excited to work with his patients every day. Josh also has over 10 years of experience utilizing trigger point dry needling as an adjunct therapy. He believes that patients’ education on their healing process is key for a successful treatment plan and a smooth, reliable recovery. In his free time, he loves to embrace every adventure the Valley offers, including mountain and road biking, fishing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and hiking with his wife Mara and dog Roxy.

“Nicole understood my needs, kept up with my doctors orders and prescribed treatments that fit to a “T”. Consequently, I was at the top of my class for recovery time! I could not have asked for better service!”

Nicole Fraser, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist & Pelvic Floor Specialist

Nicole received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Pacific University in Oregon. She believes in a hands-on, individualized treatment approach to create a unique blend of manual therapy, exercise, and education to help her patients understand the root of their pain and reach their specific goals. While gaining invaluable experience across multiple physical therapy domains, her passion has always been geared towards pelvic floor diagnoses. To formalize this focus, she is actively pursuing her certification in pelvic floor therapy through Herman & Wallace Institute. She provides pelvic floor physical therapy for all genders treating pelvic pain, incontinence, urgency, constipation, pregnancy/postpartum, and more. Outside of work, she loves traveling and moved to Grand Junction to be able to enjoy all the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer including snowboarding, fishing, rock climbing, and hiking.

Jess Bye

Clinic Manager

Jess graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and an associate’s degree in biology. Their outward expression reflects a profound belief in individuality and self-expression, going beyond aesthetics to champion inclusivity and empathy. Jess brings a unique blend of creativity and passion to their work, embodying a vibrant spirit that extends into their interactions. Over the past two years, Jess has been part of our team, contributing their creativity and passion to our initiatives while consistently advocating for equity and understanding. Jess’s commitment to the rights and well-being of all, both professionally and personally, brings a refreshing and engaging perspective to our work. Outside of work, Jess enjoys spending time with their beloved cat, who has a penchant for dramatic antics when feeling neglected.